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Frequently Asked Questions

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What vaccinations are required for my dog prior to staying at Spa Paw?
We require DHPP or DHLPP and Rabies to remain current. We also require the Bordetella vaccine to be updated annually. If your pet has never received the Bordetella vaccine there will be a 14 day waiting period prior to boarding or daycamp. This Bordetella vaccine offers several administration types and each time has separate requirements. Please contact our staff for further details if your vaccine has expired or has never been received.
My dog is unspayed/unneutered and 2 years old, can they still come and play with other dogs?
Yes, we allow unaltered pets to attend daycare / boarding. Due to the extra care needed to plan out which playgroups they can go to, pets over 6 months have a higher rate than a fixed pet’s visit.
What vaccinations are required for my cat prior to staying at Spa Paw?
We require the FVRCP and Rabies to be current. We recommend the FELV due to the fact that they are “around” other cats during their stay. We do not require FELV but please note that we strongly recommend it.
Where does my dog use the bathroom during their stay?
Spa Paw & Tail offers a variety of “Potty” places for your pet. We are equipped with K9 Grass. This is grass made specifically for dogs. This grass is anti-microbial and very effective. We offer “Potty” lawns in both Bark Place and Tiny Town. Spa Paw & Tail also offers nature walks to all guests. For a nominal fee your pet can be taken outside multiple times per day.
Do you accept payment over the phone?
Yes we do, but there is a 3% phone charge.

Boarding FAQs

Can I bring my pets bed to use during their stay at Spa Paw?
At this time, we are not allowing beds to be brought from home. We offer cots to all our guests and can give your pet some of our blankets at your request. We reserve the right to pull bedding or cots if your pet is chewing on them.
Do I need to bring food and water bowls for my pet?
No need to provide any bowls unless your pet requires a specific type of dish. We will provide clean stainless steel food and water bowls to your pet each day.
Can I bring my pet's toys along for the stay at the Spa?
Yes, you may bring along your pet’s toys to play with. We ask that you apply your pet’s name to the tag of the toy, keep toys to a minimum (no more than 2) and understand there is RISK that a toy could get lost. We do not accept any balls or hollow bones to be given during their stay.
What if my pet is accustomed to sleeping in their crate at home?
Spa Paw certainly welcomes crates to be brought in for their stay. We will leave the door open or take it off during their stay. Please write your name on the outside of the crate.
What time can I drop my boarding dog or cat?
To avoid an extra charge, please arrive between 7 to 11:30 AM & 1 – 4 PM Monday-Friday and 7:30-11:30 Saturday.
What time is check out for a boarding pet?
To avoid an extra charge, pick up is available 9 AM to 11:30 AM Monday-Saturday. Fees will apply outside of these hours.
Are you open for drop offs or pick ups on Sundays or holidays?
Yes we are open for arrivals and departures on Sundays from 9 – 11:30 AM & 1 – 5 pm. We are closed to the public on most holidays but are open on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with limited hours. Please note that there is a $25.00 charge to utilize these services.
Can my dog board in the same suite with a friend's dog or family members dog?
No, we will not allow pets from separate households to board overnight in the same suite.

Food and Medication FAQs

How do I pack my dog's food for his stay at Spa Paw?
You must pack your pet’s meals in individual baggies or containers. There will be a bag fee if food is brought in bulk bags or large containers. We would also like each bag to be labeled with your pet’s name. Please do not label meals by time or date unless absolutely necessary to their diet.
Can I bring my dog's favorite snacks to eat during his stay at Spa Paw?
You may certainly bring your pet’s favorite snacks. However, due to safety of the pet please do not bring any Greenie Treats, Rawhide of any kind, smoked bones or anything else that could be a choking hazard.
What if my pet is on medication?
Spa Paw & Tail will administer medication to your pet during their stay at no extra charge. Please provide all medication in its original packaging. We must know what we are administering, dosage amounts and side effects of medication. If pet is prescribed 1/2 or 1/4 pills we ask that you cut them prior to arrival. If your pet needs food to entice them to their medication please provide that to us. You will be provided with a chart showing the schedule of administration.

Note: Ear Medications can only be administered through our grooming salon at an extra charge per administration.

What if my pet is on Insulin?
We are able to give insulin at no extra charge but do have a couple extra precautions we request you take. Please bring extra food items that your pet will not refuse in case your pet needs more enticing to eat. We also have options for both dogs and cats for you to purchase here if need be. If your pet decides to skip a full meal then we will transport them to WVRC for an extra transport charge of $25.

We schedule giving insulin at 7am and 7pm. Please also accompany any needles with a sharps container or needle clipper.

Can I bring canned food or special diet items?
Yes, we will accommodate any diet that you pet is on at home. If you are bringing canned food please leave it in the original can. Please write you pet’s name on the side of each can. If you are bringing “human” food for your pet-please write your pet’s name on each item. Spa Paw does have a full food prep area with refrigeration and microwave.
Can I bring my own kitty litter?
Yes, you may bring your own kitty litter. We do offer our own litter for just five dollars every four days.

Daycare FAQs

Can I bring my dog's personal belongings to daycare with them?
We will accept a lunch to be given at nap time, however we cannot give breakfast or dinner to any dogs visiting for daycare. We ask that you avoid bringing toys, blankets, etc for daycare visits.
Do you have webcams so that I can watch my dog play?
We do not, however, we do post photos and videos daily to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you ever need to board your pet we have webcams in our VIP suites so you can see your dog whenever they are in their room.
If you have questions that we did not address, please call or email us. We are always happy to help!

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