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Doggie Daycare

Take care of your dog’s exercise and socialization needs at Spa Paw & Tail Premier Pet Resort.

Enjoy a fun filled day of running and playing in one of 8 play areas. The weather never hampers a day of fun at Spa Paw & Tail. It is always the perfect temperature for group play and exercise. We have daycare Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM and Saturday from 7:30 AM to 3PM. Dogs are separated by size and temperament to promote a safe environment. There is never a dull day of play at Spa Paw & Tail Premier Pet Resort and Daycamp.

Check out our Valet Service for drop-off and pick-up

**All dogs must be current on vaccines.

Group of dogs playing at Spa Paw & Tail Premier Pet Resort


Daycare Service
Daycare Visit
Unaltered Dog / Special Care Visit
5 Daycare Visits Package
10 Daycare Visits Package
5 Special Care / Unaltered Dog Daycare Visits Package
10 Special Care / Unaltered Dog Daycare Visits Package

* On Saturdays, the lobby closes at noon, and daycare pickup starts promptly at 3pm through our Valet Service.

Note: Unaltered dogs will go to playgroups, but Special Care dogs are given walks and either private lounge time or play yard time instead of a play group with other dogs.

Purchase Daycare Packages online!

New to our website: You may now purchase your daycare packages online!

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Vaccination Requirements

To ensure the safety of our guests we request that you keep your pet up to date on their vaccinations. We accept both Bordatella Intra Nasal and Injectable and it is good for one year.

Vaccinations we require for dogs:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordatella

What to bring to daycare

On Leash

Please bring your pet on leash and collar when you bring them to daycare. We ask that you use a quick release collar and no retractable leashes. Once your pet is with us, we supply our own collars and their items are placed on a hook with their corresponding room number.


If you would like your dog to have a lunch from home, we would ask that you bring it in a sealed bag or container and label it with their first name and last initial. We also offer home-cooked lunches for those who don’t want to pack a lunch or forget to bring one. We do not feed dinner to daycare dogs because that time is focused on our boarding pets.


If your pet needs medication at some point during the day, we will gladly assist in that at no extra charge. Please bring the medications in the original container so we know what we are administering and let us know at drop off what time you would like your pet to get it’s meds.

A la carte Add-Ons

Black dog eating a treat at Spa Paw & Tail Premier Pet Resort
Dog walks at Spa Paw & Tail Premier Pet Resort
Dog ice cream treats at Spa Paw & Tail Premier Pet Resort

Want to add a fun treat to your pet’s daycare visit with us? Select any of the options below when you drop off your pet for play time. (There are more options for pets who are boarding.)

Current Flavors: Plain Yogurt and Cookies & Creme

Now Available: Pick Three!

Choose three a la carte items (walks, brain games, treat puzzles, ice creams, movies, soothing snacks, and gourmet meals only) and simply pay $12!

For the safety of your dog and others, we are no longer allowing dogs to be brought in a retractable leash.
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