Spa Paw & Tail - Premier Pet Resort and Daycamp in New Berlin Daycare & Boarding Hours, Spa Paw & Tail is located at: 5055 S. Emmer Drive, Suite 100, New Berlin, WI 53151, Phone: 262-784-7297, Fax: 262-661-7477

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We love Spa Paw and Tail Premier Pet Resort’s day camp. Our dog is excited to go every week. This facility is large and very, very clean and they have friendly and professional employees who really care about the animals. One of my favorite parts of the Spa Paw day camp experience is that when you walk in, the play area isn’t hidden and you can peek in on the dogs at play. You can even see the grassy play area as you drive up since the whole play area is surrounded by windows. Another fab feature is the fact each dog has their own rooms and there are no kennels. We also like the flexibility we are given with being able to choose half days or full days for our dog. Finding a place that cares for my dog as much as I do has been taxing but I am so glad that search is over thanks to Nina & her facility. It is like an oasis for dog owners looking for safe activity and space for their dogs.

– Lori

 My 3 year-old lab has been going to day camp a couple times a week for a few weeks. He LOVES it there. He recognizes the way there now so he squels the whole way and then drags (literally) me into the resort. I have taken him to several other facilities and we like this one best. One of my concerns was the runs the dogs would be put in for several hours a day at other day camps. My dog didn't take well to the cages/runs, but has no problem with nap time at the resort. I suppose it helps that he has his own room, with a full length window, his own water bowl, and bed. He really wears himself out playing with the staff and other dogs. He has made a lot of friends, and has a few favorites. I especially like the report cards that they give when I pick him up at the end of the day. I feel that the staff really cares about my pet! That means a lot with my busy schedule that he is being cared for.

– Michelle

I usually feel bad about having to board our dog, but I felt totally confident boarding Mack through the Holidays at Spa Paw & Tail. Mack had an opportunity to try the place out for a couple "day camp" days and he had a great time! We don't get to walk much in the winter time, so Spa Paw & Tail has been a godsend for him to have some fun play time with other dogs. Mack loves the place and so do we! The staff is all very caring to the animals and to the owners as well. My husband and I are very grateful to have such a place to take our dog! We know he is in loving hands!

– Cindy & Larry

We have brought our Greater Swiss Mtn Dog to Spa Paw and Tail since it opened- and we have been very pleased with the care he has received. The facilities are top notch and the people are so caring and happy to see our pup. It is great that there is dedicated nap time, but also inside and outside play time. The daily report card makes us feel our four legged family member is being well cared for.

– Laurie & Mark, and Seger

I spent New Year's Eve with my humans, reminiscing the wonderful vacation I had at Spa Paw and Tail this past year. I especially liked the Senior Lounge - hey! a guy my age needs a little respect and R&R at times, and your resort provided exactly what I needed and when I needed it. Those heated beds are the best!!!

I'm looking forward to my human going off to run another convention soon, so I can get back to Spa Paw and Tail and relax for a week or so. Don't let on, though. . . I told them I played all day in the indoor play yard with all the younger dogs. I think they believed me.

PS: The grooming I had the last day was awesome! I came home smelling better than the cat!!!

Love, your pal, Louie
We were VERY skeptical of boarding our Viszla after an experience we had at another place a few months back. However, our trust and pleasure with the environment and people at Paw&Tail allows us to travel with the knowledge that Cotton is in great hands.

– Tony & Colleen

Warm, inviting, professional, animal centered facility. Wonderful place for doggie day care, boarding and shopping. My dogs love going to Spa Paw and Tail and I love knowing they are in a safe well run doggie day care. I would highly recommend Spa Paw and Tail if you are looking for a unique, home away from home boarding or day care for your cat or dog.

- Allison

I cannot say enough about this stunning pet resort! It is not anything like I have seen before! It is a true spa/resort - not a 'kennel'. It offers a boutique of amazing products - true eye candy for the adults as well as the pets, a remarkable staff that really do LOVE each and every 4 legged client (and the 2 legged ones as well). Grooming is over the top - the first time I had my bulldog groomed here, my son said "OMG she smells like a carmel apple - you need to have this done every week". The staff is up to speed on the medical issues and red flags as well. The facility is impecably clean, well designed, and well managed. When I come to pick up Tula - she runs the other way - she does not want to leave!! This was the first place I felt comfortable with doing actual boarding. I highly recommend this facility!! You will never find anything even close to this. The owner is AMAZINGLY TALENTED!! Not only has she has created a beautiful facility, she has employed very qualified, educated, talented, caring, and loving staff members. This is truly a 5 star resort!! 

- Mary Ann

Even though I do not have a pet that attends Spa Paw and Tail Resort, I have known Nina Race for several years and never in my entire life have I met some with the passion and drive to provide such high quality of care and professional treatment as Nina does not only dogs and cats, but every animal that exists. Nina brings that high standard to Spa Paw and Tail with conviction and dedication to do what is best for all animals. From comfort, to diet, to interaction one on one and with a group, Spa Paw and Tail is dedicated to having all animals feel like they have truly spent the day at a spa.

- Linda

I am so relieved to have access to Spa Paw and Tail. I do not like to leave my dogs at ordinary kennels AT ALL!!! The staff at Spa Paw and Tail interacts with the dogs, playing with them and walking them, and this is how our dogs are used to being treated. I no longer have days of anxiety before a trip worrying about how miserable my dogs will be while I'm gone. Thanks, Spa Paw and Tail! 

- Glenda

Nina and her staff are great. My dog, Buddy, looks forward to going there. They treat all the animals there as if they where their own. If you are considering a doggy day care this is one you should consider. We have used two other ones and there is no comparison.

Trustworthy!! The owners and staff are wonderful. They care about matching personalities for playmates. We also boarded with them for 8 nights and didn't have to worry at all while on vacation. It was the first time we left our year old pup and we were confident with his care here. Highly recommended.

- Cindy